CPR and First-aid Training
in Vancouver, B.C.

Delivered by professional firefighters

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Courses - Browse our courses for one that's right for you. We have everything from a 15 minute seminar style session to professional firefighter first-aid courses, or we can custom design a course to meet your specific needs.

First-Responder Courses - For those pursuing a career in firefighting we offer First-Responder certification and licensing.

Wellness Screening - Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services offers blood pressure and cholesterol screening for members of the public at our free community clinics.

About CPR - Read about what CPR does and how it works to keep people alive.

About Us - Find out about our program and who we are.

Contact Us - Get more information, get answers to your questions, or sign-up for training.

Locations - Get directions to our training locations.

Links - Visit the websites of our affiliated organizations.

We teach life saving CPR + First-aid to over 3,000 people every year.
Do you know how to save somebody's life?

Learn how!

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